HSPs ASIAN Candid Shoeplay Clips – 2 lovely Korean airline ground hostesses_part 1 HR

  • SIZE:1,5 GBRESOLUTION:1920×1080
  • DURATION:00:08:44FORMAT:mp4
  • DESCRIPTION:After some deliberation, i have decided that this title ( 2 parts in all ) gets my vote for Clip of the Year 2018! Its mainly for the fact that it’s “pretty wholesome” in many aspects. And while the ladies may not be the most ravishing beauties (looks wise), both ladies have really sexy lean n slim legs. They are also both in nylons (with work suits n heels) and most importantly…BOTH were engaged in some form of shoeplaying at the same time! So the beginning 3 minutes or so of the clip has protagonist 1 (back to cam) sitting 1 shoe off n ankles crossed…with her right foot out. I pounced right at the next table (to her left and start filming diagonally across from her. At this point i did not see any shoeplay from her co-worker (protagonist 2) and my focus was all on her. But after a couple of minutes, Protagonist 1 decides to “switch sides” and swings to air her left foot after slipping her shoe off. This meant i was “totally cut off” because i could not see her left foot from my angle. It forced me to re-locate and fortunately…there was a vacant seat on the other side too. This move was a real “blessing” because from my new position, i now have a perfect view of both ladies (with much better lighting too) and best of all…protagonist 2 decides it time for her to “join the party”. She here she comes…in full “dangling mode”…lowering her pumps to dangle on her toes and jostling it while maintaining perfect balance! All this while, protagonist 1 still sat 1 shoe off…showing her her lovely black nylon soles! To be continued…stay tuned for more exciting shoeplay in Part 2 (1920×1080 with audio)
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